Modern XC bikes,largest mountain bike wheel size, 29” MOUNTAIN BIKE, Ultra-lightweight MOUNTAIN BIKE," /> Cross country mountain bikes are built for riders who want pedaling performance as their top priority. These are uphill crushing, lung-busting machines bred for endurance and efficiency. The geometry of cross country bikes is the most similar to road bikes. The focus on efficiency and lightweight doesn’t come without tradeoffs, however, cross country bikes trade out downhill performance for efficiency and weight. Cross country mountain bikes are great for riders that are going to put in long miles pedaling, and those who prioritize climbing over descending.
  • Modern XC bikes are trending towards the largest mountain bike wheel size, 29”. This is the same rim diameter as the 700c road bike size.
  • Ultra-lightweight builds (less than 24 lbs. in some cases) with 4.7"/120mm or less of travel make for the lightest mountain bikes you’ll see anywhere.
  • Hardtails (front suspension only) can be preferential in this category in some cases.
  • Longer chainstays & wheelbases, steep head angles (69° or steeper) as well as longer stems put riders in efficient climbing positions.
  • Tires on these bikes are likely to favor reduced weight, efficiency and faster rolling resistance rather than traction, control and durability.
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